Predator & Prey

Predator & Prey

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❣️Stephanie❣️ By CrazyCupcakes01 Completed

.:Book 1 In "The Hunt For Love" Series:.

In a town full of mostly predator shifters, Liam Nelson has every right to be cautious of everything and everyone around him. Being a sheep shifter basically puts him at the bottom of the food chain. Add in his S.A.D and you get a Liam that is just too reserved for his own good.
  Blake Harvey, along with the rest of his family, was tired of rejecting every lioness that came his way. He was trying to find the lioness just right for him - a girl he could spend the rest of his life with. Unfortunately, he found a flaw in every possible contender. She was too tall. She was too dumb. She was not his type.
  One is too shy and the other is too picky. So how in the world did they manage to be perfect for each other; considering the fact that they are on separate ends of the shifter spectrum.

***Cover by SuperSonicPaGer***

  • anxiety
  • bdsm
  • blake
  • disorder
  • domination
  • enemies
  • family
  • friends
  • homeschool
  • lamb
  • liam
  • liamxblake
  • lion
  • love
  • manxboy
  • predator
  • prey
  • pride
  • shifters
  • submission
LadyDevil02 LadyDevil02 Dec 26, 2017
You are at this moe not my favourite person.
                              The first Twilight movie is to gushy romance for my taste.
If I’m having a tbh David Attenborough voice in ma head I’m shook
Joshloverboy Joshloverboy Oct 16, 2017
duh duh duh
                              *snap snap*
                              duh uh duh
                              *snap snap*
                              duh duh duh duh duh duh duh
                              *snap snap*
Now I know I’m gonna like this book because twilight is my guilty pleasure
Schmills Schmills Feb 05
I thought his animal was a wolf until I realised the white hair was for being a sheep
TriniWeirdo TriniWeirdo Dec 24, 2017
My immediate reaction was
                              Oh oh he' oh dang his cute