Reversed (Klaine)

Reversed (Klaine)

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Ellie :D By ellienerd14 Updated Dec 09, 2016

An au for season two. 

'I'm the only openly gay kid at school, in this town. I mean, why can't I walk down the hall with a person that I like? Slow dance at my prom?' 

What if Kurt was the confident lead singer?
What if Blaine was the shy insure transfer?

How would the story of Klaine change if the roles were reversed?

*I don't own glee, Klaine or songs used.*

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I imagine Kurt rolling down the hall way with mission impossible playing on a radio next to him
I'm gonna be really cheesy and say my favourite quote from them was "I do".   xDD
I'm going to be that one person and say, all the Klaine quotes r my favorite. Sorry it's true 🤷‍♀️😂
Nope I changed my mind, my favorite Klaine quote is season 6 episode 7: transitioning, when Kurt and Blaine just got done with there duet
dontspeakjustread dontspeakjustread May 08, 2016
My favourite isn't cute or insightful. It's probably in season 5, Tested, when Blaine is using his Soda Stream, and Kurt days 'I'm sorry about him, he just needs his bubbles'
philisnottroybolton philisnottroybolton May 08, 2016
thank you for leaving in the part about the picture because sometimes i wonder