Broken Flame ➵ Stilinski {Book 4}

Broken Flame ➵ Stilinski {Book 4}

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Taylah By izzytay Updated Feb 07, 2016

Darkness laced around Clara Ridgeway's heart, along with her friends Scott McCall, Allison Agrent and her boyfriend Stiles Stilinski after they all gave their hearts to finding their parents and the Nemeton. Now the darkness follows them surround, and they are all suffering from it, they are having visions they are turning into monsters, having nightmares they must scream to get out of, seeing dead relatives or all three, they are struggling to get through their lives let alone school. 

But since Beacon Hills has now become a Beacon for the Supernatural, more creatures are coming, from ninjas of the night named the Oni searching for a dark spirited fox or Kistune named the Nogitsune who has possessed somebody, to a new girl with her own family secret she still has to figure out. Will the pack survive the new enemy and over power the darkness has surrounding them to come out strong? 

Or are they all just a 'Broken Flame'

~ Season 3B ~