STUDY Korean! (한국어 공부하세요!)

STUDY Korean! (한국어 공부하세요!)

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ʆεiɾɾɑ Cɦii ツ By UnLuckieCookhie Updated Jul 02, 2018


The title says it clearly.
I'm just putting up the lessons I learned for safety keeps just in case. It's not that I don't trust back-ups but I guess it'd be much better this way.

I wanna keep my notes for future references and, also for my junior who requested I show her some samples in Korean sentence constructions. So, to avoid anymore requests from fellow Korean-learners I'd thought of taking down here for a more organized output.

Also, aside from being a huge fan of K-pop, I find Korean quirky and cute, and tongue-twisting at the same.

This serves for people who might be/are interested in Korean. The characters may appear complicated, but it's actually easy to learn.

P.S. Notes are from "Basic Korean: Grammar and Workbook" by Andrew Byon and other references.

- 레일라 치이

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