Perfect (song of my heart #2)

Perfect (song of my heart #2)

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J By locket44 Updated Apr 12

Jayden Grace is a movie star

Spencer Rose is a freshman at a rundown college 

Jayden Grace has his life up in lights

Spencer Rose lives life in the dark

Jayden Grace is heading towards his future

Spencer Rose is running away from her past.

They have one thing in common

The deal. 

Two people come together quite by accident and find themselves thrown head first into a situation that neither of them know how to handle. The only way out? The deal. 

What is the deal? 

For Spencer it involves $900 a week, a private art studio free of charge and enough art supplies to last a life time. The only downside? She has to 'fake date' the ever rude and arrogant Jayden Grace who seems convinced that she is simply in it for her own burst of five seconds of fame. The two are more different then fire and water and the situation is defently not perfect.

But you know what they say? 

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Spencer and Jayden are about to discover that maybe it takes one broken heart to heal another?

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xFakingaSmilex xFakingaSmilex May 10, 2017
I was just thinking, who made this cover? It's so magical and then I realised it was me and I'm an idiot.
locket44 locket44 May 10, 2017
I know right? Just let me have my high school Musical moment! 😂
Biahliar Biahliar Apr 06, 2016
Its literally Perfect!!! Did you see what I did there :D ehehe it's really good hun, I loved it and can't wait to read the next chapter. I love Spencer though I think I identified myself more to Maxine, but in every aspect Spencer is great and amazing. Just like you!
Biahliar Biahliar Apr 05, 2016
This is actually a true feeling. I feel like this.  Only 2 more months and all will change.  I think I'm way too emotional to read this rn
The_two_amigos The_two_amigos Mar 31, 2016
I love Spencer just like you said I would !!!! It's soooo good can't wait for the next chapter :)