Insecurity Girl (OHSHC FanFic)

Insecurity Girl (OHSHC FanFic)

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≪LadyNoir≫ By ScarletRedPool Updated Nov 26, 2016

Shy around others, says sorry a lot for the simplest things, and is self-conscious of her weight just piling up layers of baggy clothing. If that isn't much she will constantly think of 'what if' possible situations that run from the back of her head

 Yuuki Tachibana, a young art prodigy and lacking social experience outside her friend circle is enrolled into Ouran HighSchool Academy on a scholarship. She is the complete opposite of what people think of her, cute, intelligent, bright, cool, and praised for her work.. She's actually a shut in Otaku, has only friends who love anime, hated brightly lit places, social-anxiety, constantly bullied.. This list can go on for hours.

Her life would of probably started off perfectly on a clean slate alone if she hadn't opened the door to an abandoned music room that happened to had belonged to a host club. Now she is forced to join the club until graduation serving customers, in a maid outfit.. This only makes her insecurity worse.

How will she survive the insanity? Will Tamaki ever get out of the emo corner? Will Kyoya stop being sarcastic? I swear this questions can go a long list!

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