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She's My Problem

She's My Problem

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Fourlocks By fourlocks Completed

Sowon is an ordinary girl who has a crush on the school's most popular guy Byun Baekhyun. Sowon find him extremely cute and attractive. She likes everything about him. Everypiece of him

Baekhyun is the type of person who doesn't care about his surroundings. He knows he is the center of attention but somehow this girl manage to take all his attention. 

She takes all Baekhyun attentions because she was the girl who ruined his project. His project that makes him doesn't sleep for 2 days. He hates her. 

5 years later , they meet again in the school's reunion. They have a vacation to Jeju for 1 week together. That's where Baekhyun wanted to make her to feel uncomfortable and annoyed her.

It turns out his plan back fire him

He's the one who is uncomfortable and annoyed. Well what did Sowon do to him? He hates her and he's not going to make his plan back fire him.

pjmismine pjmismine Sep 14, 2016
Ur so genuis to make a story.. It's so different, in a good way.. Makes the reader doesn't easily get bored 😄😄😊😍
-yeollie -yeollie Nov 29, 2016
*record scratches* you're probably wondering how I ended up here.
SpecialFTyou SpecialFTyou Nov 13, 2016
You should have written "hand-in", because collect means you take something from someone.. ☺️ just a friendly comment (:
Remainxo Remainxo Feb 04
I want to say siwon from super Junior so im having to reread her name 😂
momomarara23 momomarara23 Nov 23, 2016
Eww, don't do it FOR him, just tell him to rewrite the first and second page. Duh pabo
MeowwMeowww MeowwMeowww Jan 18
It happened the other way round for me once. There was this really ugly uzzlang, well at least I find him ugly probably bc of oppas. lol. He asked me, a random potato, out. Probably bc he dated all girls in school. And guess what? Me the potato, rejected him! 😂