The 4 Hottest Gods Couldn't Save Me From A Broken Heart.

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Fae (: By SanDiegoBeachBumm Updated 3 years ago
Dyl is broken and coping. The worst part of trying to get over the person she once loved or potentially is still in love with, is knowing everything she see's reminds her of him. 
    She can finally say that she shut that door of her past.
    We all know that Dyl is heart broken, but how does Chance feel afterall he truly fell in love with the girl with the feisty attitude and the welcoming sense of humor.
    Now with Parker in Dyl's life she feels like nothing is stopping her from reaching happiness. What Dyl has forgotten is that your past will always catch up and it tends to bring along the people connected to those memories that she desperately keeps hidden.
This description reminds me of Juan Pablo from the bachelor/bachelorette
I cried while reading thr letter. I already dont like this Parker guy . Pssh.
Is it because he got the blood test results back and isn't compatible so they can't have kids?? :(
lol you said go get popcorn and enjoy and well guess what i already have popcorn and i love the first book it was awesome :) but sad :'(
awwww poor Dyl =( why did that idiot Chance leave her????? grrrrrr
@EmilyD47 same but my one was a history assesment...i love this book so much i have become a lazy a$$ lol :P x