Someone Like You

Someone Like You

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~ formerly titled 'You Never Know' ~

"Isn't that the band guy she likes?"
"Yeah, that's definitely him."

I'm the last person that should have fallen in love with Michael Clifford. A perky, girly sorority girl is hardly the kind of person you would think to be his girlfriend, and yet here I am, trying to juggle pre-med classes, sorority obligations, and a relationship with a boyfriend that happens to be the same guy in all the posters on my wall. 

Someone Like You - The Summer Set [Everything's Fine]

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To those of you who made it to the end of the first chapter: first off, congrats, you managed to not get bored and give up on me. Secondly, thanks for reading, I'll try publish at least a chapter a week, if not more. Let me know what you think!