That's Just The Beginning

That's Just The Beginning

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Caitlin W. By istolethecookiez Completed

DISCLAIMER: This book is horrible; I wrote it when I was very young and the quality is a lot worse than my current skills. Please do not judge me based on this book. If it weren't for my followers insisting that I keep this story up, I'd have deleted it.

Fiona Harper is an angel in nearly everyone's eyes. But there is more to this good girl; she'd rather ditch class than stay up all night to finish a project. She'd rather be at a party than in her room studying, but her parent's would never approve of that. Unless, of course, they didn't know. When she's given the opportunity (with a super hot guy, may I add), will she take it? 

Adrian Easton is the most popular guy in school; the bad boy that girls swoon over and guys want to be friends with, but Fiona pays no mind to him- she thinks he's bad news. When he suddenly finds himself and his family moving into the house directly beside Fiona's; he finds an interest in his... unique new neighbor; an interest that'll lead them both to a few traumatic experiences, feisty arguments, perverted jokes, childish pranks, funny moments, and maybe even a romantic interest. 

But 'That's Just The Beginning.' 


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