Warren of Woes | The Reality of Faetality  | Book 1

Warren of Woes | The Reality of Faetality | Book 1

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COMPLETE BOOK 1| Reality of Fae-Tality Series | FANTASY
Please be aware this is a first draft.
Leoffaed Cardor hates fairy tales.
They are a constant reminder of her missing memories and her Impossible Things,  creatures only she can see.

At eighteen, after a life time of pills and seeing shrinks because they thought they knew better,  all she wants now is to play her cello. Yet on the day of a really important audition she is attacked by hounds made of shadow. 
Her only hope for safety...

A motorcycle riding knight and a blue haired mage.

Leo is forced to take sanctuary in the very realm that birthed her impossible things. 

But events don't get off to a great start   an arrow wielding assassin is sent to kill her.


She has no idea, but she only has until the Queen's Tournament to find out or she may just be placing her head on the chopping block.

Cover by @Abyss-of-Crazy