Sold to the gangleader

Sold to the gangleader

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abigailcotton15 By abigailcotton15 Updated Aug 23

Zoey walker is 22 year olds and a total smart ass. She has just finished university and is now heading home to see her family. Zoey has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is a shy girl but can be feisty if people tell her or demand her to do something. 

Jarred Stone is the most feared gang leader in California and hates being disrespected it. He demands things from people and tells them what to do. He's 24 years old with black hair and grey eyes. He has tattoos running down his left arm. 

What happens when Zoey's father has to sell her to Jarred just to keep her alive? Will Jarred find a soft spot for her or will her feisty attitude get the better of her.

A/N- their is a bit of violence towards the end of the book but that's it.

  • badboy
  • gangs
  • humour
  • love
  • violence
dtayl214 dtayl214 Jul 09
this is starting to sound like another story ive read (just saying, not trying to start somethin here) sorry if i upset anyone
There should be spaces in between the paragraphs. YOU THINK HES ATTRACTIVE WHEN HE WANTED TO KILL YOU?!
At least her dad cares about her. I mean, he's only selling her to keep her alive.
zoe_grace_12 zoe_grace_12 Mar 28, 2016
Is she like donald trump who takes money for granted "small loan of a million dollars"8 my butt
HalePetrova HalePetrova Mar 17, 2016
This is almost just like another story I read and guess what it's called "Sold to a Gamg Leader"
MaddieGrace03 MaddieGrace03 Feb 19, 2016
5'9" is not short. I have a friend that's 5'9" and shes a head and neck taller than me. I'm 5'4"