Don't Save Her. She Don't Wanna Be Saved.

Don't Save Her. She Don't Wanna Be Saved.

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My home By HarrysVelvetyBumhole Completed

"Leave 'em alone if you know what's good for you."

"Waste of fucking breathing space, that heshe is."

"Deserves all of it to be honest."

Or where Feminine!Harry gots too many issues to count and Newguy!Louis wants to help him anyway.

Based on J Cole's "Role Models".

Cover by versatilelouis (Jack)

Copyright: January, 2016 ©

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KaylaRuff4 KaylaRuff4 Aug 12
Close your eyes Harry and I promise everyone that touched or hurted u will b gone. *loads shotgun* Where's my Larries at, I can't do this alone!
That's not true, if they touched you, I'd pull their heart out of their chest.
I'm pretty sure she order a package of these hands because she is trying me rn
Same with my shoes, but that's just because I'm to lazy to clean them.
I'm gonna shove my foot down someone's throat today... I can feel it.
Just because he smells like he came out a flower field full of daisys and you smell like you came out of a garbage can that is your life doesn't mean you gotta call yourself out on that.