The Sky's The Limit  (Link X Reader)

The Sky's The Limit (Link X Reader)

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Catrina Furr By catfishhamsterlady Completed


"You're a monster. You're a tool used as power, you're already dead. If you think that's a heartbeat (Y/n), that's only the power pulsing inside of you. That is what's keeping you alive, that is Demise. That's your father and the true you. You and I are alike, created to serve. You've defied and it's such a pity."

(Y/n) is dead. She's been dead for as long as she's been alive, but the thing is she is still a person. Power has kept her alive, dark power. But when a dark tornado sends her spinning into a legend of good and evil battling she wants to live her dream of being good! When she meets a blonde hero with courage as strong as her own she's so happy to adventure with him and help. That is.. when her family starts to get involved. (Y/n) is only a weapon her father's created, she's meant to kill the destined hero. Will (Y/n) succumb? Or will the hero succumb to her? That's for you to find out. 

©Catfishhamsterlady 2016

This book is for feminine intended audiences, that doesn't mean a boy can't look at it.

Legend of Zelda is not owned by me.
You aren't owned by anyone, if you are fuck them, you all own yourselves!

camoAnime camoAnime Aug 01
Link: I lo-
                              Me: I load Zelda's cakes into my horse's mouth too no worries
                              Link: WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY I L-
                              Me: I know I love her cakes too...
                              Link: WHY??!!! LET ME SPEAK!
                              Me: *sleeps*
Aisope Aisope Jul 06
Now the question is:
                              Is his soul trait determination.... or bravery??
Link: Lets take us to the next level.
                              Me: Best Friends?
                              Link: A bit more.
                              Me: Wizard Pals?
                              Link: I mean we should date.
                              Me: Date what? There are no calendars.
                              Link: I don't even know anymore
Did anybody else notice the Goron symbol on the scarf in the pigrité?
Yay one competitor down! JK Zelda please don't die your my third favourite character in Breath of the wild Link is first Michael is second!
Tashacat43 Tashacat43 May 07
me: yo link!
                              link: yeah!!
                              me: I love you!!
                              link: i-
                              me: as a friend!!! :D
                              link: .... me too!! :D