The Sky's The Limit  (Link X Reader)

The Sky's The Limit (Link X Reader)

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Catrina Furr By catfishhamsterlady Completed


"You're a monster. You're a tool used as power, you're already dead. If you think that's a heartbeat (Y/n), that's only the power pulsing inside of you. That is what's keeping you alive, that is Demise. That's your father and the true you. You and I are alike, created to serve. You've defied and it's such a pity."

(Y/n) is dead. She's been dead for as long as she's been alive, but the thing is she is still a person. Power has kept her alive, dark power. But when a dark tornado sends her spinning into a legend of good and evil battling she wants to live her dream of being good! When she meets a blonde hero with courage as strong as her own she's so happy to adventure with him and help. That is.. when her family starts to get involved. (Y/n) is only a weapon her father's created, she's meant to kill the destined hero. Will (Y/n) succumb? Or will the hero succumb to her? That's for you to find out. 

©Catfishhamsterlady 2016

This book is for feminine intended audiences, that doesn't mean a boy can't look at it.

Legend of Zelda is not owned by me.
You aren't owned by anyone, if you are fuck them, you all own yourselves!

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camoAnime camoAnime Aug 01
Link: I lo-
                              Me: I load Zelda's cakes into my horse's mouth too no worries
                              Link: WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY I L-
                              Me: I know I love her cakes too...
                              Link: WHY??!!! LET ME SPEAK!
                              Me: *sleeps*
Aisope Aisope Jul 06
Now the question is:
                              Is his soul trait determination.... or bravery??
Link: Lets take us to the next level.
                              Me: Best Friends?
                              Link: A bit more.
                              Me: Wizard Pals?
                              Link: I mean we should date.
                              Me: Date what? There are no calendars.
                              Link: I don't even know anymore
Did anybody else notice the Goron symbol on the scarf in the pigrité?
Link: I lo-
                              Me: love bread yeah me too
                              Link: I was gonna say lo-
                              Me: oh u love cakes yeah me too especially erzas form fairy tail
                              Link: wtf O_o
                              Me: so what where you saying
                              Link: nevermind
Yay one competitor down! JK Zelda please don't die your my third favourite character in Breath of the wild Link is first Michael is second!