A Silenced Bird  ( a Retelling of Young Justice. Birdflash included) [on hold]

A Silenced Bird ( a Retelling of Young Justice. Birdflash included) [on hold]

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smolnerrd (or Smol) By smolnerrd Updated Nov 17

What if you could never speak again. What if you were in silence for the rest of your life. What would you do? Think about it.

13 year old Dick Grayson/ Robin had his Tongue  cut out by a demonic clown when he was 11 years old. He hadn't been able to speak Since that night and His best friend Wally West/ Kid Flash hasn't left his side. The two learned sign language together, And Wally was his translator.  But what will happen when Robin and Kid Flash join a new team. How will the team handle it? Will it be a major setback for all of them working together?  Or will they learn to push it aside.

A Retelling of Young Justice. ( and a little bit of Bird Flash.)

Don't like Birdflash? Them don't read!
( unless you wanna give it a chance!)

This story was inspired by "The bird you wouldn't sing" by @/Otaku_heros . I do not own Young Justice or the characters.

That's how they make those thinks that let you lick your cats with out actually using your tongue
I really like this concept and I really want Wally and Dick to get together.
_-_Black_bird_-_ _-_Black_bird_-_ 6 days ago
The pain i just felt was unbelievable... My heart, my soul, my tongue
wow I must of been loopy did not remember that one Mr.J hehe.
sparklydog9 sparklydog9 Jun 10
It's those sassy remarks Dickie. Always loved em, but knew they'd get you in trouble some day!
InnocenctMindd InnocenctMindd 6 days ago
This is what you read and receive shivers down your spine, knowing this is worse than any other torture to be ever mentioned. This is a phsyco given to reality. Worse than any way of death imaginable. Worse than anything from a nightmare. Poor Robin