Potential ➣ S. McCall[2]

Potential ➣ S. McCall[2]

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Alec Precious Lightwood By RaekenGlory Updated 5 days ago

❝Belladonna: In Italian a beautiful lady; In English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues. -Ambrose Bierce  ❞ 

Scott said their relationship had potential.
Derek said her powers had potential.
Deucalion said she had potential.

Her potential was burned in the flames of a beast. She learned, she fought; but in the end. She was the enemy.

Teen Wolf Season 3
Sequel to Crystal Clear
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amypannu amypannu Dec 14, 2016
Yeah, the only reason you were to go was if you CATCHED him.
CatherineStarnes CatherineStarnes Nov 19, 2016
If the tattoo is still about Allison I'm going to throw Scott into a wall
amypannu amypannu Dec 14, 2016
Possibly, but you sure as hell are naive and illogical at times.