I Don't Wanna Wait. <(Shameron Fanfic)>

I Don't Wanna Wait. <(Shameron Fanfic)>

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Andrew 👑 By andrew0008 Updated May 01, 2017


   Ever since the day Shawn laid eyes on Cameron Dallas, he has had it bad for him.

   Cameron notices the way Shawn has given him attention. Admittedly, he liked the attention, but he's straight, isn't he? 

   Could Cameron actually be gay?

   Well who's to know?

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stilinskidolan stilinskidolan Jun 25, 2017
Author: plz don't say anything about car radio
                              Everyone in comments: * comments about car radio*
unforgettableHerron unforgettableHerron May 02, 2017
Don't worry you are probably not the only one that doesn't know pool *looks around nervously* it is not like my family is a very bug fan of it and I don't even know how it's played *laughs nervously*
MaCookiesNotYours MaCookiesNotYours Oct 26, 2017
My lungs will fill and deflate. They fill with fire, exhale desire. Ik it's dire my time to day. (It might be a bit soz)
abogle111 abogle111 Apr 20
Where I live the middle school (my school )is first at 7:15 then the highschool at 7:50 and the elementary School at 8:30
hufflepuff135 hufflepuff135 Dec 21, 2017
This is every night for me with this kid named Ethan.😂😂
a_loveless_romantic a_loveless_romantic Jan 04, 2017
Every pe teacher I've ever had.🙃😂 that is until I switched over to athletics then they decided to be hard asses🙄