Kidnappers Have A Hard Time Letting Their Victims Go (#2) ✅

Kidnappers Have A Hard Time Letting Their Victims Go (#2) ✅

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can be read as a standalone (I thought it couldn't but then I was like...ehh I'm pretty sure it could) so...yea....


Jessica Monics is preggo.
And thanks to the drug that was injected in her, she's also cray cray:
She wants to murder her baby. Yup, you read that right.

Dominic Giovanni, aka the super-duper-panty-wetting-hot billionaire, is the father.
He will do anything to find the cure (and I mean ANYTHING).
Under no circumstance is he letting his child die, especially not at the hands of the woman he loves.

But in order to gain something in this world, you must sacrifice something else. Ya feel me? What happens when the cost is too high? Problems rise, along with erections, nipples harden, and babies are shot out from The Vagina.


"Because our lives are not a fairytale, baby. We're not in a movie, we're not characters in a book. And if we are-we have a pretty shitty author."

|cover made by the wonderful and amazing @angellover254|

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llsmith1981 llsmith1981 Feb 15, 2016
I just finished book 1, and I'm and biting my nails waiting for the first update of book 2.
_not_common _not_common Dec 04, 2016
I'm so feeling this and it's kinda a twofer because we'll still get peeks of Dom and Jess!!! And protective daddy Dom sounds sexy af
- - Feb 10, 2016
You mean the world 2 me too!  
                              I LOVE YOU, WOMAN
                              I mean, not in that way, that sounds weird, I'm gonna go now, bye...
AnnaMattsson2 AnnaMattsson2 Dec 02, 2016
If it's available where I live and all that I definitely would!
samishaikh samishaikh Feb 09, 2016
Pretty shitty autor....Rolf.... Baby you are awesome...i missed you sooo much and the book name is so perfect i cnt imagine a more better name....
MenenWalker MenenWalker Dec 07, 2016
I don't understand y u not doing another a Dom and Jessica book