Vincent's Due

Vincent's Due

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Part #2 of the Vincent series.

Payge Vincent is a crazy, psychopath and most of all, a very dangerous girl.

With a rage more dangerous than her twin brother, she's earned the respect a brutal man should have.

Just like her brother, Payge has a tough past shaping her into what she is now, but even as she moves on with her life she is constantly searching for the love her parents could never have provided. Payge is getting older and she's way past the age of finding her mate but he never appeared. When she's given up hope and begins to make relations with other unmated men in her pack something big happens.

She gets pregnant.

A few months along and desperate for an escape from her brother's drama Payge leaves and goes up to the mountains in one of their shared properties where her aim is to sit bacĸ, relax and savor every moment with the baby inside of her.

Little did she know that calm and relaxation isn't waiting for her there but instead, is the mate that she's been waiting decades for and something else.


Her mate, the alpha of a rogue pack isn't exactly out for love but instead is out for her and her brother's blood.

Will he be able to put aside killing her because she is his mate?

 And will he be able to accept that she's pregnant with another man's baby?

As fate tries to win the mating battle of love between the two mates, someone, we'll call him trouble for now is slowly filling in the little cracks of Payge's heart that fate has left out.

With a love triangle forming, one being a choice of fate and the other on a heart's desire a battle is coming. 

And for once in Payge's life, she has to depend on her brother to save her.
Or maybe not?

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This story was recommended by my classmate. And this is my 1st time reading a genere like this😊
Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the best mate of all time, Dominic whatever his last name is.
Daddy Payne is not a thing anymore. It's Daddy Dominic now 😍
ohturnt ohturnt Jul 06
no we won't, payne is taking care of two twin boys and alexis! nvm he probably will
The Earth does spin on its axis XD
                              This chapter is as good as the last book's chapter!❤️❤️❤️
At first I was like "hello, can you hear me? I've been California dreaming about who we used to be." And then I was like "I loved you for a thousand years." Then was like "is it too late now to say sorry?"
                              Jeez, I'm a music freak.