My abusive alpha mate |editing|

My abusive alpha mate |editing|

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Its only Lucy sorry By ladylucy22 Completed

This is my story. Of me and my abusive alpha mate. 

Abby is in her last year of high school, her life wasn't all so great. As she had a alpha who abused her. One night he came to her house and tried to rape her, that's when she new it was time to go. So, she became a rogue. On a journey to make it to the city and forget about been a Werewolf and live a normal life. But, she finds her possessive, yet abusive mate. And he's an alpha, the most feared and strongest alpha  there is. To be exact.

Will he change his abusive mean ways to keep his mate?
Will he love her the way she has always wanted her mate to?
Will Abby get her happy ever after?
Or will he possibly kill her.

CharlottesCookie CharlottesCookie Dec 10, 2016
I thought it was a picture of a guy smelling his armpit. Oh gosh I am scarred for life
minnie_thuglife minnie_thuglife Nov 17, 2016
The girl in the picture has on a face full of makeup. You can see her contour and highlight
ThaniaNorales ThaniaNorales Sep 18, 2016
You just made it obvious that it's you hun I feel very sorry for you
Eternity_Rose Eternity_Rose Dec 23, 2016
I would find him attractive of he would shave or at least not show his armpit hair.
Looks like onsion... going to picture him as mortal instruments jace... the only jace.
JanaFrost JanaFrost Jan 01
You going to school dressed like that? Uh uh bout to get dresscoded sweetheart 😱😱😱😱😱😱