Alpha King and the Beast

Alpha King and the Beast

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Revenge was a deadly game if not done right.

Most lose, they are too rash and get caught before the deed is done - and then, all of the heartache, death and destruction is pointless.

But to Isabelle Favel there was no other option, she would leave no loose ends.


No, the sweet girl they called Belle would go on to take down an operation bigger than she had ever anticipated.

But to do this she couldn't get caught. Not by her Alpha, not by her comrades, and certainly not by her mate - The King of the North. 

** Lycans and Werewolves are seperate species in this book, there is no interbreeding **


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Cover by: @xXArachnidXx

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delightfullyxchaotic delightfullyxchaotic May 14, 2016
very interesting how you distinctively described the difference between a lycan and a werewolf. they are typically the same species. however, you've somehow separated them, like a single sheet of paper just having been ripped split down.
chill-e chill-e Mar 01, 2016
What does marking mate mean I have never read werewolves book, so hey! You're my first.
inspite inspite Jan 02, 2017
Uhm, what do they look like? Bc im imagining some wolf creature whose human and looks like someone who have been inhaling rugby...
Gaby1290 Gaby1290 May 01, 2016
Thank jeebus cuz i hate the stupid special white wolf cliche with a passion -_-
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Apr 15, 2016
I like how you clarify your perception of werewolves and Lycan and stuff so no one gets confused later on
- - May 14, 2016
Genuinely speaking, I like this alot. Its very different from stuff I've read. Cool twist to the tale too.....