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finding newt. [tmr + tw]

finding newt. [tmr + tw]

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✧ೃ༄ HIATUS By dylcns Completed

❝Please, Tommy. Please. ❞

After Stiles had an argument with Scott about Donovan, he's kicked out of the Pack and it makes things worse because his father is lying in a hospital bed. That's when he gets an envelope addressed to him giving him instructions on where to find the person who sent him the mail. But he doesn't realize that Newt sent it.

❝8 - 5 - 12 - 16 ❞
❝What the shuck does that mean?❞ Minho asked.
Stiles shrugged with a frown plasted on his face. ❝No Idea. ❞

[SEASON 5] teen wolf
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Yooo I'm still in class and I'm trying to not cry. Maybe if I cough or something or excuse myself to the bathroom
i'm sad,,
                              but i just watched a bunch of sad movies recently so *shrugs* : )
Damn, this is the best book I've read and that's saying a lot given it's like the first paragraph
EnglandIsMyCity EnglandIsMyCity 5 days ago
And with his heart falling into a black void, Thomas pulled the trigger
Kylee1104 Kylee1104 May 26
The worst thing about Newts death in my opinion is that for awhile he didn't want to live, but then when he regained  hope and was fighting to survive, his life was taken away from him.
Guys did you read the story info it said that Stiles got mail from Newt which means he's alive!!!!!