Always, Yours (Sample)

Always, Yours (Sample)

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LiveLifeInTheRain By LiveLifeInTheRain Updated Feb 14, 2016

Meet college student Eliza Redding, during the beginning of her freshman year in high school she was given a name once she volunteered to be a pen-pal and It's a name she'll never forget; Ian Marks.

He's now a twenty-seven year old soldier in the Army, decorated, respected and moving his way up the ranks but to her he'll always be her dorky Ian.

When Fourteen year old her wrote her first letter he was a nineteen year boy just heading off to basic filled with fears of not making it through and doubts if he made the right choice in joining. She's been there through everything from Basic, each station, his first station overseas, through all his deployments and when he found his place in the military world

And then it went to just talking about his life in the military to being a long distance support when his father died, his mom remarried, when his three year girlfriend cheated on him during his first deployment and his new girlfriend did on his second.

It's rare to have one pen-pal so long but even through all the years they always kept it the same, long hand written letters and occasional pictures of their lives but it was never more than that, they've never met and never communicated any other way.

What she doesn't know? She's been the only constant light in a certain soldier's life since he was barley nineteen years old. Ian wasn't sure about having a pen-pal until he got his first letter from Eliza and she grew up right in front of his eyes with each letter he received.

She went from the awkward little girl to a beautiful woman and he's decided eight years is long enough to meet the girl he's deemed his good luck charm.

Cover made by the amazing Jessmb94