Restless Hope

Restless Hope

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Sarah By SarahBensonBooks Updated Aug 27

Startled eyes turn to face me, and my mind confirms what my heart already knows. I would recognize those gentle green eyes, dark eyebrows, the strong chin covered in sexy scruff and shaggy mane anywhere. Isaac's back in town. He is just as beautiful to me now as he was all those years ago. If anything, time has improved him. Last I heard, he started a nonprofit to build schools in Africa. Why has he finally come back after all this time? 

We are locked in a stare that seems to transport us to another place and time, until at last, his gaze breaks away.


Beth Malcolm is pinning all her hopes on winning the Next Big Thing competition that will not only launch her business, but help her save her beloved family home. Things quickly become complicated when the business mentor assigned to her turns out to be her exfiance. Loosely based Jane Austen's story, "Restless Hope" is a modern Persuasion meets Shark Tank.

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I just dont find him that attractive like idk he isnt my type too buff...
tamoja tamoja Apr 01
I've read this chapter!! I read it again. Still good!!! Now I'll be at square one and ready to roll!!!
AbbieWriter AbbieWriter Apr 23
I saw this trailer on YouTube and it looked amazing then when I started reading this book, I was like WOW! You captivated me in the first few paragraphs! <3 Amazing story line!
ice_qreenm ice_qreenm Jul 15
Pretty awesome so far. I'm just so in love with billionaire/millionaire books!
Oh. So it is real. Wow. Imagine the usefulness of this thing
- - Apr 14
You captured me in the first page. Your writing style wrapped around my heart and has not let go. The characters are their dimensional and wonderfully portrayed. I truly don't want to stop reading...thankful there is much more to come.