"Then And Now"

"Then And Now"

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💋Tania❤ By taty_ABM Updated May 16

Savannah Mars was always considered as the school nerd. With her thick rimmed glasses, raven black hair, and plain clothes, she would go totally unnoticed. Until her best friends Sam and Bailey forced her to confess her crush on the school jock, Nathan, causing her complete embarrassment in front of most of the school. 

Now seven years later, she once again comes face to face with Nathan, except he's her boss, who can't seem to stay away from her, especially since mother nature took a toll on her body, molding it to irresistible perfection. 

Will she think of the past, and how he treated her before? Or will she give him a chance?

Read and find out.

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whispers2u whispers2u Apr 18
After asking what happended to you, and defining it with this statement would have had me explode on his judgmental ass
sweetzzz sweetzzz Jul 26, 2017
I'm just wondering why she ended up saying she had a crush on him when he announced it to the whole cafeteriaI..... That got me fuked up
taty_ABM taty_ABM May 02, 2016
I was suffering from writer's block, but I will be updating again soon, this week actually
mommapunkin mommapunkin Oct 29, 2016
Wait!!! What year is the present suppose to be in if they graduated in 2015?!  Because trust me if I graduated with a good looking jock whom I had a crush on I would remember him a year or two after graduating that is for sure!!....
rhon671 rhon671 Oct 17, 2016
Well now I know why she prefers to call him Mr. Court and not Nathan. What a terrible flashback. ☹️
AshleyLuvs1D2 AshleyLuvs1D2 Jan 09, 2017
Trying to understand why her friend didn't comfort her?! The hell kind a friend y'all authors have sis?