Lost In A Different Story (Peter Pan x reader)

Lost In A Different Story (Peter Pan x reader)

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Josh Fun (; By homodunshine Updated Nov 11

Oi! You! Yes you! My friend @KitKat-LostGirl is going to help me with this story...we will each do a chapter every other day and I promise, there is going to be a very good description...baiiii!
HAIIII it's KitKat here, and I wrote a description! :D


Up and coming actress from New York, (y/n) (l/n), is on a flight to LA. When extremely high turbulence causes the pilots to lose control of the plane, (y/n) fears for her life, and the lives of everyone aboard the aircraft. Mere seconds before the plane makes contact with the ground, she is saved by a mysterious shadow. As it takes her to safety, she is only able to watch in horror as the plane instantly goes up in flames, leaving no survivors. But the shadow doesn't return her to the ground. Instead, it takes her higher into the sky; past the second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning.

Is that Maggie from TWD on the cover or have I finally lost it
I have the description and first chapter done, I can log in and publish it