The love pill. girlxgirl

The love pill. girlxgirl

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What if you had a tiny pill that could change attraction in love.

Cara. A smart and sophisticated woman with the seducing skills anyone would be jealous of. With her blond hair and green eyes to die for, she was, without a doubt, a catch. Men would fall for her on a regular basis and she knew how to use her skills for a good cause. Well, relatively good. She worked for a spy company, obtaining important information that could save lives. 

Lexi. A woman with a warm heart, but a cold exterior. Only her close friends know what a caring woman she is, but most people around her only feel the freezing cold, but still, they long to be her friends. An unexplainable force draws them to her, making them crave her company. She is one of those people who you can't dislike. 

 When those two women meet their lives will change in a way they couldn't imagine. Cara, straight as an arrow, sent out by work to seduce Lexi, has to learn the ways to please a woman. And what happens when she forgets to guard her own heart in the process? Lexi on the other hand has to come to grips with the fact that maybe she has finally found love. 

A lot of things go as planned, but even more don't go as planned. Cara has to make a lot of choices she never imagined she would have to make. Lexi has to finally let someone in and accept the love she feels. A beautiful story, no? 

It would have been if the love pill hadn't been involved.

SoWhat_If SoWhat_If Nov 05
I'm pretty sure that kind of people is already extinct. It's either that or I'm just a very apathetic person lol.
Hahha..'straight' it's a funny word to describe someone who will just end up being gay. 😂😂😂
this intro was so perfect to catch my attention. partly cuz my name was mentioned
mangoluv mangoluv Jun 08
This just reminded me of Jessica Alba in the movie "Barely Lethal" 😍
Oh well, I'd buy like I don't know a year supply of those pills.
Jayster1738 Jayster1738 Oct 16
I probably would have done the nasty with both Zac Efron and my crush