Hannah Potter And The God Complex

Hannah Potter And The God Complex

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The Dark Lord By TheDoctorDonna11 Updated Nov 13

When the Dark Lord came to kill the Potters, he wasn't expecting another child. Let alone a pink haired girl. What a mistake that was. 

There are lots of books like this, I know, but mines different. I promise. Please give it a go.
Please check this out. 

The Harry Potter Twin Story. 
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any other Harry Potter Characters.J.K Rowling does.  Hannah is my own invention as well as other elements, characters, and creatures.

Cirrycad Cirrycad Feb 13
Voldemort felt a little too remorseful. The chapter could be a little longer but that's okay if you prefer them to stay short😊
                              Nice chapter though, your descriptions are good!😄👍
Ok.....a weird part of me actually likes Voldy right now....wtf is happening
                              How stupid are you prongs?
                              Siriusly what were u thinking??
Shan_Leon Shan_Leon Jun 30
I am sick right now and somehow this made me feel a little better....odd..
caffeinetea caffeinetea Apr 02
Its really good though at times a bit too fast paced for me anyway
Poor Voldy. He's just trying to be a good guy while not dying, and there Lily goes causing his own spells to back fire on him. What a shame.