The Blue Assassins: Book I

The Blue Assassins: Book I

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Love is a powerful thing, isn't it? 

It can affect your mood, behavior, feelings, actions, and thoughts. 

That means love is dangerous too. 

But if it's not the love that's dangerous, it's the people who are in love? 

Especially if the people are a part of an assassination organization... Then, I guess, you should watch out. 

And if they're the leaders of an assassination organization... Then, you should definitely watch out. 

Some say nothing good comes from violence. 

The Blue Assassins must be an exception. 

Highest rank: #1 in Action [September 14]

Genre: Action/Humor/Romance/Fantasy/Teen Fiction

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I just started Highschool on the 6th ...Yesterday I only got lost once and that was only because security told us to go to the gym when we weren't supposed to be there at all.Its easy to navigate to me especially after orientation
smoldraco smoldraco Oct 19
this reminds me of seventh grade oh god what a dark time that was
SnowAFrost SnowAFrost Oct 01
Never put your phone in your back pocket. Easiest pocket to pickpocket Easiestis the back two.
ded_inseid ded_inseid Sep 16
i had a dream like that  it was an andy fantasy and it got to the good part and i woke up and then i never had the dream again
But does anyone's family actually eat together? Like, nobody uses a dining table
ameising ameising Sep 24
For some reason, I imagined him just spouting out her name as 'Bleh', and not the romantic way that she envisioned. Must be the late time...
                              Looking forward to this story! 😬