The Silent Sorrow (GirlxGirl)

The Silent Sorrow (GirlxGirl)

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17 Year old Jamie Allen is starting a new school. Where she struggle every day to find her classes, but one day. Dandy, the girl, Jamie's cousin warns her to stay away from, helps her. 

Dandy is staring at her, intently with her sad and cold eyes. Jamie is grateful for her help, but also notice that she do not speak. 

Every day Jamie tries to get closer and find out why she do not talk. 
Will, Jamie find out why Dandy do not use her voice?

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Ahoshiz Ahoshiz Dec 27, 2017
We just got a letter we just got letter we just got a a letter...wonder who it's from
Use dandelion in a sentence. The cheetah is much faster dandelion
everytime i see the word dammit i think of “dammit hunter!”
When I was a freshman at my highschool I was lost asf, and there are 2 floors 😑
deadlyjpg deadlyjpg Oct 06, 2017
i don't talk to people because i'm too lazy to open my mouth. does that makes sense??
She not gonna be like "oh dandy it sounds like dandelion " like really thats the most obvious and she go blue. Oh my god