Kamisama Kiss [Tomoe x Reader]

Kamisama Kiss [Tomoe x Reader]

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|B e t h| By theB3thany Updated Apr 01, 2016

"Oneesan.Would you be sad if I would die?" asked the small girl who had carnanation pink hair.
"Why are you asking such thing?" questioned the older maiden who was running her fingers through the younger one's hair who was resting on her lap.
The pink-haired girl smiled,somewhat hiding her eyes behind her bangs.
"No reason!" she finally sang with a frisky tone.
"I see." the maiden with bright (e/c) eyes said,her voice hesitant.
The pale moonlight shone on the two figures sitting under a big tree,the log fire by them fading slowly.

"But everyone dies someday,don't you agree?"

Hey everyone!
So,as you can see this is a Tomoe x Reader story,my second one actually,check out the other one if you'd like.
I don't own Kamisama Kiss or it's characters,I only own the characters that I've made up.
I'd also like to add that this story will contain swearing/cursing,consider yourself warned.
I can't promise daily updates,just be patient!
Enjoy the story!
Beth xx

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I would have killed her no lie died 😐😐😩😩😵😵😠😠😡😡
oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo boku no naka ni dare ga iru no? kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai de kimi ga warau nanimo miezu ni. ... oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?
XXAdrianaOO XXAdrianaOO Nov 16, 2016
MY FREEDOM!!MY FREEDOM!!*yelled dramatically as I slammed my head against the tree*
theB3thany theB3thany Apr 04, 2016
You aren't actually an animal,just like really good at for example climbing and stuff
Dat_anime_lover Dat_anime_lover Apr 04, 2016
This is good yay but I have a question what kind of yokai are we like you know how tomoe is a fox yokai