Gangsta Attraction

Gangsta Attraction

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LoveMeHateMe2 By LoveMeHateMe2 Updated Sep 22, 2016

At first Look you may think Brielle Blackthorn is your normal shy girl but you would be wrong because she isn't a shy girl at all she is the Leader of one of the strongest Gang in the world:The Bloody Hearts.If you want to see the gang leader in her come out just get her angry because she has a short temper and isn't afraid to cause trouble.

Then Comes in Bad Boy Gang Leader Ryder Jackson who is the Gang leader of the second strongest gang in the world:The Killers.If you make him angry there won't be an other day for you to see.

When the first day of Senior Year Ryder Insults Brielle on her Nerd outier she gets angry and shows him what a Gang leader can do.

But will there be love in this story? Read and find out

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