Matpat X Reader One Shots+Imagines

Matpat X Reader One Shots+Imagines

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Cristina ♡ By Matpat_Fan Updated Jul 05, 2016

A variety of one-shots and/or imagines involving you and Matpat of GameTheory + FilmTheory

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CherokeeWarrior CherokeeWarrior Nov 13, 2017
This is like super cliche but I'm loving every bit of it lol
that_random_trashcan that_random_trashcan May 02, 2017
When it says he stays frozen all I can imagine is mark in the background like'AHHHHHHHHH' (idek I'm drunk off red bull)
smoltrashcan14 smoltrashcan14 Jun 10, 2017
I would just tumble down the hill while going to the hill.All on purpose
dalia_christina dalia_christina Feb 10, 2016
AMAZING!! You should do one where you and Mat's kid wants to do a livestream with Mat and you post it to instagram with the caption "Best Daddy Ever ❤️"
Less_Than_Average0 Less_Than_Average0 Feb 09, 2016
I love it. :3 You should do one where you're showing him your favorite game and it's one that teaches him a lot about the player. :)
Idk why I’m reading this when it makes me super uncomfortable lol. I used to have a crush on good ol’ MattyPatty and then I found out he has a wife and that she’s pregnant....
                              Lol jk still like him