Matpat X Reader One Shots+Imagines

Matpat X Reader One Shots+Imagines

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Cristina ♡ By Matpat_Fan Updated Jul 05, 2016

A variety of one-shots and/or imagines involving you and Matpat of GameTheory + FilmTheory

{Requests - Open}

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This is like super cliche but I'm loving every bit of it lol
When it says he stays frozen all I can imagine is mark in the background like'AHHHHHHHHH' (idek I'm drunk off red bull)
I would just tumble down the hill while going to the hill.All on purpose
KawaiiChan89 KawaiiChan89 Feb 10, 2016
AMAZING!! You should do one where you and Mat's kid wants to do a livestream with Mat and you post it to instagram with the caption "Best Daddy Ever ❤️"
Less_Than_Average0 Less_Than_Average0 Feb 09, 2016
I love it. :3 You should do one where you're showing him your favorite game and it's one that teaches him a lot about the player. :)