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(/^-^)/ |______| By AlwaysEpic Updated Dec 20, 2016

Its a roleplay book about RWBY what else must I say

14AnimeGirl 14AnimeGirl May 03
Oh Dark Brown eyes and in Vampire form turned red and in Werewolf form turned yellow
Name: Alaric Yamamoto
                              Age: 17
                              Gender : Male
                              Looks: ( as shown in my profile)
                              Weapon: A sword called yamato. And a dual Custom revolvers 
                              Semblance: Can use the shadows and darkness to spawn tendrils or either paralyze his enemies. He can summon purple orbs and swords. He can increase his speed
PoyseFilms PoyseFilms May 27
She has a pair of swords that when put together makes a staff
14AnimeGirl 14AnimeGirl May 03
Out of Strength or power use either Werewolf or Vampire form and fights like that
14AnimeGirl 14AnimeGirl May 03
1. Ruby's sythe
                              2. Weiss sword
                              3. Blake's gun or guns
                              4. Yang's weapon
PoyseFilms PoyseFilms May 27
She wears a black shawl with a red longsleaved shirt with a flaming yellow star underneith. She wears jeans. She has yellowish, redish, and blackish eyes