Asher's Heart | Wattys2017

Asher's Heart | Wattys2017

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***x*** By rhxpsodicxlly Completed

Unlike everyone else, Ellie Anderson thought she had it easy in high school. Except for the first year. It sucks for everyone. But her reason was totally different. Asher. Luckily her bad days didn't last long as he dropped out the next year. 

 Friends, popularity and good grades - she has it all. And to make it perfect she has finally convinced herself to ask out her crush.  

But her plans go down the drain when Asher makes an appearance. 

Her perfect high school life just turned into her worst nightmare. 


Asher is a heartthrob. Everyone's favorite. Girls swoon over him. Boys worship him. Why wouldn't they? He is a star after all. 

He returns to his old school to complete his senior year. 

With a celebrity in the school girls go crazy. They all want to make him fall in love with them. Soon it turns into a big game where every girl is ready to do anything to make him hers. 

They all want Asher's heart. 

Looks like Ellie is not the only one who will face her worst nightmare.

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OceanSWAG OceanSWAG Jun 03, 2017
Sure ! 😀 It sounds interesting already ! Looking forward to read it ! 😙
Lollydancer Lollydancer May 31, 2017
Sounds great! Small recommendation- Ashton and Asher as two leading roles (and siblings) is likely to confuse the readers during the story xx
TheGlowingPotato TheGlowingPotato May 31, 2017
This confused me a bit. I thought the first one was "my mom died when I was only". Then the second point.
bribri25410 bribri25410 Mar 17, 2017
So i have a huge question. Whobis the sexy thing in the cover
itsrinesaa itsrinesaa Dec 14, 2017
I’ve heard that HATE its LOVE’s sister 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️
Rhuthshana Rhuthshana Mar 13, 2016
This is a really good start. It's intriguing and makes the reader want to know more of what happens :)