*On Hold*   Slenderman's Daughter (Creepypasta X Reader)

*On Hold* Slenderman's Daughter (Creepypasta X Reader)

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WhiteTigerClothing By WhiteTigerClothing Updated Aug 03

A creepy pasta x reader fanfic

I actually have a bully named Victoria .... Are you stalking me????
Omfg same, I was at the park one day and I just suddenly felt depressed, I wrote things like "he's here" and "she is masters servant" with red marker, and then I felt fine
Moi dad is in the military! Imma follow his footsteps someday
wait you were meant to have sanity how come I never had none oh well totally over rated its more fun until doc puts you on meds for a whole bunch of medically stuff you don't got but its still fun you get to play with sharp toys
Shadow_of_the_Wolf Shadow_of_the_Wolf Nov 22, 2016
I lost my mind. Don't bother finding it. It was broken anyways.
Slowly Losing Sanity...My Creepypasta Name Is Lost Sanity XD