The Model Spy

The Model Spy

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Seventeen-year-old Laura Porter and her family are far from normal. While most parents grab a briefcase and head to the office, Laura and her parents hop on a private CIA jet and save the world. As if being a teenager wasn't already hard enough!

When almost a dozen models are killed in Paris, it is up to Laura to head to the City of Lights, acting as a model. Zach, another teen agent, joins her. Time to catch the murderer is running out before the biggest event in the fashion industry: Fashion Week. With jealous girls, attention-hogging divas, and stalkers everywhere, Laura and Zach can trust no one. But Laura begins to attach herself to the cute photographer Dylan. In the CIA, attachment can be deadly.

In an attempt to catch their suspect, Zach and Laura chase a strange man through the metro, dine at the Moulin Rouge, find some bodies in the catacombs, and take a quick dip in the Seine. In the end, Laura comes face to face with the murderer and even she can't believe it.

platoheliminthes platoheliminthes Jun 07, 2016
But if she's so famous why is she walking, and without a body guard
fuufjkbkjbff fuufjkbkjbff Apr 23, 2016
This is like the opening scene for an episode of supernatural xD
FatAndTheFurious FatAndTheFurious Jun 02, 2016
Best way to start a book. I can already picture it in my head. I love it already.
Mixetch_2 Mixetch_2 May 26, 2016
im already loving this but is it just me or does this seem like the first five minutes of supernatural
sporty_nerd_9 sporty_nerd_9 Oct 11, 2016
My house is 1.4 miles from my high school and it takes me 30 minutes to walk there
RTinyElephant RTinyElephant Jan 29, 2016
He's doesn't really. I don't know but you know my predictions are predications x