Love Is The Sweetest Form of Betrayal (Alpha Xi Sequel)

Love Is The Sweetest Form of Betrayal (Alpha Xi Sequel)

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BeenThere_ By BeenThere_ Updated Jan 01

Whoever told you it's better to have loved and lost, never lost a damn thing. I would rather have never loved at all.

I don't want to go back. I love him, but he doesn't love me. Probably never has. I can't believe I bought the whole 'mates' story; I bought a lot of stories. I just wish he would've told me the truth. Now I look stupid because I'm lost in woods I can't get out of, with a man I don't know.

(Sequel to Alpha Xi)

justmesrilankan justmesrilankan Apr 05, 2016
And seriously 2 months prerggers and Michael had no clue lovely also im guessing the pregnancy is out of the norm which explains him not getting a wif of it
Emylin Emylin Jul 02, 2016
Ugh! 😨😨 Vomit covered lips kiss Gah! 😱😱 Nastyy~~
BellaArmy3719 BellaArmy3719 Mar 14, 2016
I love Alero...he's hot as hell...what if they're all mates...that would be soo... Amazing
Emylin Emylin Jul 02, 2016
Yeah... Go drink with your ex without telling your mate Go. 
                              This what you call slap of Karma darling, now, you think this gonna end like that Mikael? 
                              Not at all
                              More is on the way for all the near death situations you made Dylan go through!
frostcure frostcure Apr 09, 2016
I have a friend who has a crazy deep voice. It is kinda unsettling sometimes.
Loveangeljay Loveangeljay Apr 06, 2016
Hoping that he has two mates and not that he has been lied to even more. Also yay I was righy about him being pregnant at Chick-fil-A