Hurricane | A.Lightwood |

Hurricane | A.Lightwood |

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Alphawanheda By Alphawanheda Updated Jan 02, 2017

I'm a wanderess.
I'm a one night stand.
Don't belong to no city.
Don't belong to no man.
I'm the violence in the pouring rain.
I'm a hurricane.

Shadow hunters season 1.
I do not own any plot lines or characters from the shadow hunters all rights go to there producer. I only own my characters and anything i make up.



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BTStrayKids BTStrayKids Aug 26, 2017
I'm from Adelaide, Cora Hale is played by Adelaide Cane, and in Nanny McPhee there is an Aunt Adelaide. Bam.
wellimaweirdo wellimaweirdo Oct 23, 2017
Dude I was listening to hurricane by Halsey and she sang the words as I was reading them. I'm shooketh
ItzSilke ItzSilke Aug 24, 2017
I am just rereading this book and how the f does she know it's Clary?
-VoidHopeArgent -VoidHopeArgent Mar 28, 2016
Idk if you already found a Ship name for Alec and Abeke but I really like 'Abelec'
JaceyHogwartsHeroess JaceyHogwartsHeroess Nov 20, 2016
Lydia will always be Lydia to me. You can change her name to Miguellette, I'll still be calling her Lydia.
thehoney_bear thehoney_bear Feb 03, 2017
Holy Hale my golly Scott oh ma heochlin I love teen wolf😋