Ruined (Ruined #1)

Ruined (Ruined #1)

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Formerly The Bad Boy Who Ruined Me.

Meet Jane.

Your average Jane that no one really knows until she meets the most notorious boy at school, Alex.

And meet Alex.

Your dreams combined....with your EVERY nightmare.

And so this epitome of an asshole is head over heels for he? Your another bad boy story, consider yourself warned.
Hop on and join the ride.

P/S: Foul language, mature theme ahead.

This is my first book and this book is in the process of major re-write. Firsts can be cringy lol..There are a lot of grammatical errors as I didn't really proofread my chapters before publishing them. Also, this is just another way to improve my English. :)

Feeding you with another bad boy story. It will never be enough. First few chapters are a bit slow...but please don't give up! xoxo

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tacocat56478 tacocat56478 4 days ago
Boi I don't want to go anywhere near your tiny ass dick😂😂lol sorry I had to
StoryBookOfLegendz StoryBookOfLegendz Oct 29, 2017
That's what I thought at first, until the meanest boy in school started hitting on me ever since then everyone stares at me like I'm some movie star...I hate it...
M_Flowers M_Flowers Apr 14
Please tell me he has had a crush on her since forever but she never noticed
I feel like he had a crush on her when they were little hehe
livyyyk372 livyyyk372 3 days ago
*i had no idea where my breakfast went. But otherwise well written:)!! It is a good story so far