Black Ink| #Wattys2016

Black Ink| #Wattys2016

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fatima By deviation- Updated Nov 06

Something so sinister can lurk in every drop of black liquid, it can seep into a whiteness of a canvas and turn it into such a nightmare, you'd shield your eyes. 

But perhaps Peyton liked it, liked the boy she was so obsessed with- turn a gun on everyone's head and pull a trigger that might make her wonder if insanity was an art, a blessing, or a curse. 

- deals with mental issues and insanity, not trying to romanticize the issue, please don't misinterpret. -

moondusty- moondusty- Feb 22
The "good stories that'll ruin me emotionally" vibes are strong in this book
Narvana Narvana Sep 09
YASSSS, SLAY QUEEN!!! I'm about to unvote and just revote again. THIS IS NOT A GAME
remarks remarks Oct 31
When she does, she falls deeply -literally me with you that's a very creepy thing to say-
OH FUDGE, THE SUMMARY <3 How do you get a summary THAT perfect?? Are you even human? *stares in awe*
sereinxx sereinxx Feb 22
I dont have any single idea in my mind right know,but I think this will turn out well!