oh, kiss me. [joshler]

oh, kiss me. [joshler]

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☽ By ghosttowntyler Updated Sep 05, 2016

In which Josh and Tyler have to struggle to maintain their newfound relationship as well their band and multiple screaming fans. 

Shenangians ensue.

(Alternatively titled, "twonaughtyboys.")

xXx-Nana-xXx xXx-Nana-xXx Sep 27, 2016
Omg I knew Josh felt the same way as I do about Tyler's ass!!! Lol
DunWithAllTheseHoes DunWithAllTheseHoes Nov 12, 2016
Why do I feel like this is Josh's actual feeling towards Tyler
21_pilots_of_summer_ 21_pilots_of_summer_ Dec 29, 2016
okay. i've screenshotted the page. circled this paragraph. and set it as my phone home screen background. i'm scared.
shawncozymuffins shawncozymuffins Nov 11, 2016
lowkey i feel like irl josh might be bi and might maybe like tyler IM SORRY
moikeysawkwardknees moikeysawkwardknees Nov 23, 2016
randomshnaz randomshnaz Dec 29, 2016
we're going too fast fast save josh 
                              we're going too fast fast save josh
                              we're going too fast fast save josh noww...