Messy Wedgie  punishment part one

Messy Wedgie punishment part one

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Ffffffffqqwresaff By Ffffffffqqwresaff Updated Feb 13, 2016

Megan gulped as she saw her mom standing by the kitchen window waiting for her
"It's okay" she thinks "there no way she found out"
"Megan Hudson I herd your dating that kid Peter Marcee, he has six other girls as well do you know what he wants" Megan's mom dragged Megan outside by her thong and quickly takes off all her clothes except for her bra and underwear, she punts her hand down Megan's pants and begins to finger her causing Megan to moan.
"Ooooohhhhh mmmmmmoooooooommmmmm oooooooohhhhhh that feels so good don't stop ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh"says Megan 
Megan's mom just get even angrier at this begins to claw Megan's pussy grabbing and pulling at the sensitive skin as she digs her finger nails into Megan's g-spot, Megan begins to cry in pain 
"Omg owwwww mom please stop ooooowwwwwww it's hurts so bad mom" pleaded Megan 
"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize I'd realized a dirty girl" says Megan's mom with a satisfied hard pinch to Megan's pussy "but since your so dirty I figured you'd this" Megans mom walks over to a giant mud puddle pulling Megan with her Megan's mom takes a handful of mud and shoves it into Megan's pussy forcefully and continued to shove mud into her pussy until it was overflowing with mud as the mud it up against her pussy this causes Megan to moan again 
"Oooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmoooommmmm oooooohhhhhh it's feels so good omg oooooooooohhhhhh"moans Megan happily 
Megan's mom gets even more mad at this just shoves as much mud as she can into her thong then gives Megan a nice hard Melvin Squishing all the mud into her pussy and some of the mud into her girl bits causing Megan to moan in discomfort 
Oooooowwwwww oooooohhhhh mmmmoooommmmm stop its hhhuuurrtttssss" says Megan

You took this from devianart and changed barely anything you faker
Love this story cx I mean this is like the 8th time I've read the whole thing😂
Ffffffffqqwresaff Ffffffffqqwresaff Jan 29, 2016
If I get a lot of people liking this I might do a part at her dads house