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My Perfect Life With My Life(Discontinue)

My Perfect Life With My Life(Discontinue)

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mananonrocks By mananonrocks Updated Dec 21, 2016

"Aru.. where are you" i pretened as i cant see my 2 yr old angel but i knew she was hidind under d table 
"Aru come beta have milk.. dnt u want to be a strong girl like ur dad" i knw nw my angel will come running
N here she came
Aru (A): mumma m stlong gal see my takat .. she showd me here cute hands  making me all aww
Nandini (N): wow my aru is sooo strong u want to be like papa na.. i told her and she bobbled her head
Then plz hv ds milk 
And she agreed so i made her sit on my lap n fed hr with her favourt minnion cup
After feeding hr we both were watchng tv when a car came and aru ran to d gate
A: papaaaaaaa
N she started jumping clapping her hand
Yes he was manink malhotra
Manik pov..
M: princess hw are u
I asked her
And she shwd me hr biggest smile
I picked her nd kissed her cheeks n i return kikissed me back
Dis is what i need after a tiring day
"Jaan" i called out as i dindnt saw my nandu bt no reply
Jaan where are you
I knw she is angry wid me as i scolded hr in d morning
I wen...

makiagirl makiagirl May 15, 2016
Your book seems very good and interesting great job❤️🍵💯🙏🏽
- - Jun 01, 2016
Ok who is pia? Is jaan referred to pia. U might need fo rephrase if bit confusing .
- - Jun 01, 2016
Overall story has potential but require serious editing on grammer and punctuations. 
                              Other wise it's good .
BeautySeraph BeautySeraph Jun 05, 2016
what is this.. " The broken angle and wounded prince " and " tumse hi " have exactly same characters...whats going on..who's copying whom..? plz trynna find new characters ... i mean u should find  something urs nd innovative ..  this is boring for readers like us..who have read those stories
- - Jun 01, 2016
You know this is a story and readers love reading stories in full form. So please avoid using text format or short forms. Like "N" for and, "hv" for have etc.
- - Jun 01, 2016
There is not periods or comma. Missing a lot on punctuations so would be best if you could edit the story with proper grammer and punctuations.