Diabolik lovers: Crushed love [[Shu x Reader ]]

Diabolik lovers: Crushed love [[Shu x Reader ]]

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Fluffy Animal By xKiraChan Completed

♠why run away when bad luck is around you?♠

-born in a village surrounded by forest and is a werewolf was nothing,except not being informed that you were a werewolf until the age of 10.-

♣I feel better asleep,dreaming in my own world,not wanting to up♣

-All your family members died because of you being an extroadinary werewolf-

♦'Run,run lost boy, they say to me.Away from reality'.That was my favourite lyrics.♦

-Picked up by a man and offered a shelter,of course you wanted to decline but you needed a plaxe for the time being.Hoping you wont hurt them,you accepted his offer-

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