Mikayuu Smut Series

Mikayuu Smut Series

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At first - don't read if you are not a fan of smut/Yaoi haha 

Mikayuu smut series 

These one shots are sequels to my previous fan fiction (the valentine story) therefore are also taking place in New York. I got inspired by my friend Maika, so I dedicate this smut series to her. 

Thanks a lot for reading !!! (:

Cover credits to Giaourbell on twitter

Ps. the last two stories are moreover scrap versions. But I still hope you like them ^^"

WHY CAN'T I STOP READING THIS FOR THE THIRD TIME?!! I'm sooooo obsessed with lemons. Its kinda cool that "Every time we touch" came on. 😂😂😂😂
Ok so when I started reading this the song "Deep throat" came on😂💀💀
Ahhh... Yaoi sex gives me happiness. Thank god my doujins on my phone still work.
I love how every comment at this part is straight-homo jokes
Hasn't anyone noticed their still in the kitchen? Eh, oh well. I'm used to this so we good.
Is this some spoiler???👀👀😱 or nah?🙃😊🙃😂😂😂