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Meet Aria Austin. She's a normal seventeen year old teenage girl. She receives good grades, she's nice and has a stable after-school job at the town's local book store. She's the complete opposite of her two best friends, Holland and Clark, who are completely and totally obsessed with all things Hollywood. Aria, on the other hand, couldn't care less about keeping up with the latest scandals.     

That is until Mason Carter comes back to his home in Indiana and finds his way into the tattered old book shop where he and Aria meet for the first time. Despite the fact that she's a normal non-famous high-schooler and he's the most famous teenage actor on the planet, the two become fast friends.     

It doesn't take long for a relationship to blossom between the two but when you're one of the most famous people in the world, it's hard to get any privacy. With paparazzi constantly snooping around, jealous friends revealing their true colors, fake romances and the whole world interjecting their opinions, can a relationship like this really make it? Or will it be dead before it's even gotten the chance to live?  

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icecreamfever12 icecreamfever12 a day ago
drving fancy cars, hollywood boulevard, hear the crowd calling your nameeee, starstruck prepare to get starstruck oh yeah oh oh oh yeahh
avi-malik avi-malik Apr 08
i asked my friend for Kylie's Koko Collection for my birthday and she gave it me..I love her so much 
toxic_wrath toxic_wrath Apr 02
"Wanna be you, wanna see you they scream out LOOOOOUUUUDDD! STTTARRRRSTRUCCKKKK!"
PizzaGhoul PizzaGhoul 6 days ago
Omg I just realized the leads name is Aria and that’s what I call my crush when texting about him to my friends so my parents don’t know 😂
I think every friends fan agree that this continues to be a very heated argument