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started: 30/01/16

completed: 28/03/16

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#375 Short Story like tf 20/03/16

Natanatsu Natanatsu Mar 07
I've gotten use to it too Jimin c':
                              The fact that he'll never notice me stabs me in the heart c':
lushfullie lushfullie Sep 27
oh Lordy is he rly dead or smth. I don't trust these fanfics anymore :( I feel like it's gonna be like SURPRISE HE WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME HAHA!
qtreya qtreya Aug 16
hOly Shir im Listeninf RIGHT NOW idk Why im so ShOOK BUT i am
TwiceAsGay TwiceAsGay Jun 10
I'm so happy. I was able to understand the chapter titles (the ones in Japanese) YAYYYY
I know if i say its chinese characters as the titles, people is gonna fight me and say its japanese....its both okay? Okay.