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started: 30/01/16

completed: 28/03/16

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#375 Short Story like tf 20/03/16

Natanatsu Natanatsu Mar 07, 2016
I've gotten use to it too Jimin c':
                              The fact that he'll never notice me stabs me in the heart c':
lushfullie lushfullie Sep 27, 2016
oh Lordy is he rly dead or smth. I don't trust these fanfics anymore :( I feel like it's gonna be like SURPRISE HE WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME HAHA!
qtreya qtreya Aug 16, 2016
hOly Shir im Listeninf RIGHT NOW idk Why im so ShOOK BUT i am
TwiceAsGay TwiceAsGay Jun 10, 2016
I'm so happy. I was able to understand the chapter titles (the ones in Japanese) YAYYYY
kookiesbyunTAE kookiesbyunTAE Oct 15, 2016
I know if i say its chinese characters as the titles, people is gonna fight me and say its japanese....its both okay? Okay.