Innocence (Maximoff Fanfic)

Innocence (Maximoff Fanfic)

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Luma-Loki By Luma-Loki Updated Oct 08, 2017

A new threat is held against the Avengers. A few months after Ultrons on Sokovia Hydra releases a secret into New York.

A harmless looking 13 year old wonders the streets, but she's more dangerous then she looks. Known as Terra Nova to Hydra, but her real name?

Elora Maximoff.

The lost baby sister of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Separated in Sokovia, 1 year old Elora was sent to another Hydra base in Florida while her older siblings stayed in Sokovia.

Years later the twins work with the Avengers and think their baby sister to be dead. Little do they know she's the new danger that threatens them and their friends.

Will Hydra's plan succeed? 

Or will Elora forget her past and figure out her future?

(Used to be The Secret Maximoff)

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Me: Sure. I'm totally fine with it. Also, can I get a caffeinated Arnold Palmer? ADHD gives caffeine the opposite effect. Could you also bring music?
StarlighMix StarlighMix May 17, 2017
Damn now I want to make you be freezes for another 70yrs Steve!
HPfan901 HPfan901 Mar 19, 2016
Wow, Hydra...
                              Doesn't EVERYONE know the code name, since you blurt it out so much? But I guess they'd think you would have chosen something more Covert. Kinda smart. Eh.
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Oct 13, 2016
I hate colouring but I'd rather do that than stare at a wall.
ArrowAvenger ArrowAvenger Mar 05, 2017
Didn't hydra teach her that when you're being interrogated you just sit down and be quiet and you certainly don't lose it